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How come my computer isn't recording any sound after I've plugged in my microphone, opened up Sound Recorder and pressed the record button? I've tried searching on my computer for "microphone" and "sound" but it couldn't find anything helpful for me.

and yes, of course the volume is on and the microphone is plugged all the way in n' all.

I'm desperate. I'm working on this MTV Cribs parody thing that my bro, his girlfriend and I made! I gotta do some narrating but I can't do that without the microphone! Which I have actually but it DOESN'T WORK!
There should be a trouble shooting section under help on the sound recorder itself.
Not on my sh*tty ol' one :(

If it really isn't gonna work out, I'll just grab the camera and record myself doing the narration, then while editing I'll just take the picture out and put the audio in, except audio quality will be different :( not a big deal though but still.
scythe to the rescue! go to volume control, click options, properties, recording and ok and make sure the checkbox under 'microphone' is checked
My volume control doesn't have any of that stuff. :lol:
Originally posted by givemfitz@Aug 20 2005, 08:07 PM
My volume control doesn't have any of that stuff. :lol:
:huh: how is that possible?

ok then......control panel, then sounds and audio devices, then in the audio tab make sure the right device is chosen for 'sound recording'. then in the voice tab make sure the right device is set under voice recording.
Hey, you know it's a conspiracy right? Like the voice recording stuff goes straight to the government. :huh: That's how they decide who to off. :p
:lol: :lol: Mine doesn't have any of that either. Just the one tab that lists all the sounds in my computer. A very long list. :p But I'm not having any problems so.......... :p
Yeah right............ Can they also look at you on the webcam when you're using it for someone else then??? <_<