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hey does anyone know what company it is who has the commercial where they are in an office and two guys are following their boss and they are talking and the guy hits his head and gets knocked out from the drawer then they other guy leans down on the table after they boss sits down and is like"its ok sir he told me everything" then he slips on the paper and hits his face on the table....???
idk becuase i checked Staples on Ad-rags and it wasnt there
Originally posted by The Adman@Jan 25 2004, 01:28 AM
idk becuase i checked Staples on Ad-rags and it wasnt there
Hey man, they got their PayPal issue fixed, did you ever find your ad?
i did, ive been checking out tons of ads, only 2 bucks!!
Do you remember the commercial where the two guys are writing memos on their arms because their company was too cheap to afford paper? I suggest Staples because I though that commercial was following the theme of not using office supplies, you know? But now that you mention it, it might have been for Microsoft...but Staples usually has funnier commercials.
Yeah ya know what? I think it is Microsoft now that you mention it. Staples ads are funny, but the Microsoft ones have been following that "time to upgrade to MS" theme as of late..
Yeah I watched some Staples and Office Depot and Microsoft all on Ad-Rags, it wasnt in any, I know it has something to do with 'having reliable information' so its gotta be some tech company or somethin. BTW, I think the funniest Staples one is where the guys have the little booklet thing at the meeting and its all messed up and their like "If you could just move page 8 up two pages in the book, and if your page 5 is fuzzy please pass it up....." haha
yea that commercial is by Computer Associates, they showed it on last years SuperBowl
Yeah I'm a tardo, I see a computer-related ad campaign and automatically assume it's Microsoft.. been brainwashed.. :rolleyes: