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Well there isn't much to tell... My name is Jeff, I am a 44 yr old musician (mostly keys, but some woodwinds and string instruments) and collector of music I like and sheet music. I have a small collection of about 5700 CD's... and a larger ripped library along with several filing cabinets of sheetmusic. I sightread and depending on my mood I need the right peice to play.

I am really enjoying this site - many answers to questions I have. The thing is, I am not a big fan of new pop... but once in a while a real diamond appears and often they are used in soundtracks and commercials... and since I am not up on the most recent bands/tracks I need to find out who they are so I can scoop up the good stuff and play it my way.

Well that's about me. I'll try to contribute here if possible. B)
welcome :D
i'm a musician myself, and VERY interested in sheets of certain's up?