CNN's 9/11 Coverage - Cinematic Breaktime Music


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This was played during the online CNN realtime broadcast of 9/11 (from 2006). It's from one of the commercial break periods where they left space to keep it real time (later, they used the break for "missing tape" periods, when things got too hectic to remember to put new tape in).

This is from one of the first breaks (I think the 2nd or 3rd), after a little reporting after the first plane hit.

It sounds incredibly contemplative, serene, epic...

It sounds like it's from a larger piece, which is why I posted here. It might be from a movie or modern composition that someone here might know.

If you know what it is, please help out! Thank you.


P.S. This is the kind of music I hope I hear in future WTC movies. Possibly in one of the "Resolve/Resolution" scene of a movie like "102 Minutes", when it comes out... it's so fitting and beautiful.