DVD movie rental machines


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I have taped from around 2005-2006 an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Spike TV.

About the channel: Based on the network's name at the time, the type of logo, and the tagline used... It would have to be after August 2003 because it was after it announced that it would become "Spike TV" and already began using "The First Network For Men" tagline. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine wasn't added until 2004, and it had to have been recorded before May 2006 because the logo text was almost cursive instead of all caps.

so anywhere between 2004-2006....

About the commercial:

It is about movie rental machines. It shows clips of a family watching movies at home, and it showed clips of the movie rental machine. When the announcer said "the money is automatically deposited into your account" it shows a clip of a guy on a clamshell ibook g3 computer.

I think that the name of the company is American Entertainment Investments.

About the music:

it is disco music similar to Dean Elliott's background music on Chuck Jones cartoons of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

It also resembled theme music from a 1980s game show.