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I was wanting to know what the jethro tull sounding (flutes) song appearing in an old (three years ago?)Cnet dot com add. The setting is a guy with a cnet logo t-shirt guiding people to each other in a room I guess that represented cnet's ability to bring solutions to tech related problems. Help!!
I think the song they used was "Living in the Past", if I remember the commercial. Did you get any response from CNET?
The song is definately not living in the past. It's definately not a popular Tull song it may even be Focus but the song was also used in a AT&T broadband internet comercial that aired earlier this year!
I have been searching for the jethro tull style song that has appeared in the
cdw adds recently and also in the past. One memorable comercial is the one where
a cdw person is guiding leading and matching up poeple in a room with needs to poeple
with solutions. The flute sounding song is much like a jethro tull piece but
I dont believe it to be a tull song (Iam a tull fan and have never heard
this songplayed by them) It is all instrumental, at least the parts
played in the
Hi, new here....

I'm wondering if anyone found the answer to this one, I've been wondering about this for a few years myself.

Does anyone know the name of the flute type song playing in the back round of this video clip from Insomniac W/ Dave Attel.

A friend and I have created a list of all the places we have heard this song:

--- a C| TV commercial from a few years ago
--- The Obsournes (episode "bye bye babies")
--- I love the 70's (1971 - during the Monday Night
Football segment)
--- Insomniac w/ Dave Attel (episode “Dave goes to Amsterdam”)
--- Insomniac w/ Dave Attel (episode “Rio Dave Janiero”)
--- ESPN Silver Anniversary Special during the part when they are talking about the “This is Sportscenter” ad campaign.

we have emailed Comedy Central a couple times about it since it is in two episodes of Insomniac, but recieved no reply.
Sounds like Jethro Tull to me.(You didn't mean the panpipes at the end,right?)

Trouble is,it's hard to find a sound clip containing Ian Anderson's distinctive style of flute-playing.
If you're talking about the music playing under about the 1st 1/4 of the clip, I'd definitely agree it sounds like Jethro Tull *style* playing - I've never heard anyone play the flute with quite the same phrasing and breathing as Ian Anderson - but it's not any particular Jethro Tull *song* that I know of.
Wow, I can not believe this. I haven't been able to find this song for like 3 years now haha.
Oh man, I've been going nuts trying to find any information on this song for at least 8 years now and still I've got nothing. I don't think any other song has eluded me for quite so long.

*sigh* At least I managed to find the delightfully bizarre CNET ad it first appeared in.
The tune is called "Hot Pants," composted by Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw. It's available on iTunes and elsewhere--look for the album "KPM 1000 Series: Flute for Moderns."