Clorox mud bath


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There is a song in the current Clorox commercial. It's instrumental. There are kids playing with mud. I think it says something about a mud bath. The song is great though! Anybody have any idea!? Thanks.
i'm looking for that same song. that's how i found this site. unfortunatly, everyone's still stuck on the clorox wipes commercial. but if anyone figures anything out about this song, please let me know.
That song was amazing! I remember hearing it a little while ago. As soon as I heard it I immediately thought of Devotchka - How it ends (Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack), they're very similar but it's definitely a little different. I don't think that will help any, sorry, but I thought I'd throw that out there.
the "mud bath" one.
and the title is in the topic. "The Winner Is"
sorry for not being clear.
Um, sorry to burst your bubble, but the song on the CLOROX commercial is not "the WINNER is"

Or is it on the soundtrack?
why are people saying it's from Little Miss Sunshine?????????

I listened to those songs on the myspace page....

Clorox and Sunshine don't mix.

grrr. Someone find this song !!!
crap is it not the song? I haven't seen the commercial today but I was sure that this was it
I was searching for the song on google and that's how I found this site...
I wasn't searching was just listening to the soundtrack and thought it was the same song.
ah oh well.
good luck guys...
i listend to 'the winner is' and the tempo is sort of similar but thats definitely not that same song.

i struck gold!!!!!

still don't know the name but at least i can listen to it on my ipod
Yo everyone, I just wanted to share what I think is an extended version of this I found on youtube. It is set to a rather weird slideshow of some guy winning a contest or something. I did laugh out loud a couple of times though if that was truly their intent...good job!!
I dont think it's original though, because it sounds kind of liked it was looped or layered, but I thought it sounded good enough to make a mp3 out of.

if you slowed down the beginning of "Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars" it would sound a lot like the Mud Bath commercial

It might not even be an official song... I mean, I could have written that - it's simply two notes from a major chord and the major chord shifts to a Major 7 chord - my guess is A major to A Maj7 - anyone who plays guitar could easily reproduce the sound.
I have looked on and off for that music for ages now. I"m not sure if this is the song, but it is certainly reminiscent of Drive by The Cars.

You can hear a clip of the song Cars - Complete Greatest Hits on the Amazon site, but I think the commercial sounds more like the beginning of the song than the middle.

I hope we've finally solved the mystery tune. :)

hey does anyone know the song on the clorox commercial where two kids are in the yard playing in the in slow motion

help me please!
welllll....actually the song is "the winner is" by Devotchka.....but clorox made a different version of the song for their i wouldnt know where to get that version but that is the song.
This song in an instrunmental of "Naked as we came" by Iron and Wine. Listen to it. Block out the words and listen to the folk music. ahhh goosebumps.