1. C

    Clorox Fabric Sanitizer "Don't Just Wash. Sanitize."

    Hello, What is the title/artist of this song in the new Clorox TV Ad?? Thanx in Advance!!
  2. scriptingsoul

    Clorox "Bleach Cleanup"

    In a recent Clorox commercial of the "cleanup" bleach and "foamer", there is a nice, happy guitar tune playing in the background. Can someone please identify the name? :confused: (In the commercial, you see a woman cleaning up a table in her house with the bleach cleanup and with the sun...
  3. SusieQ2

    Clorox Green Works

    Hi all.. Anyone heard the tune for the new products by Clorox called 'Green Works'? They are cleaning products that are suppose to be earth friendly.. It's a pretty little piano piece, if anyone knows who it's by or where it can be downloaded give a holler.. Also, am still looking for someone...
  4. breeba8993

    Clorox kids

    Does anyone know the music that is being played during the recent Clorox commercial? There are kids that are all holding hands and running around a tree in a circle. I think they are playing Ring Around The Rosie. Its a really kid-like tune. If anyone knows what the song is, or where I could get...
  5. D

    Clorox "Secrets"

    Ok, I think it was a clorox commercial where kids are whispering gross stuff to each other like " I wipe my nose on my sleeve". Anyways, I need the song thats in the background. It sounds like a banjo, and has a cool beat to it. Anyone know what Im talking about?
  6. D

    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes "Toothbrush"

    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes "Toothbrush" It's pretty much a mother and her son brushing their teeth with electric toothbrushes, but it splatters everywhere and she needs to wipe up stuff. The music is acoustic.
  7. S

    Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach

    does anyone know the name of the song on a sort of new clorox ultimate care bleach commercial?? there's a soft piano playing in the background while it shows several people doing laundry.
  8. E

    Clorox Disinfecting Kitchen Cleaner

    This commercial is in slow motion, and they make a lot of messes, I think the kid has a remote control airplane, and he crashes it into his dad's bowl at the dining table, and his food gets all over his shirt. The end of the commercial says something about theres no such thing as life without...
  9. I

    Clorox mud bath

    There is a song in the current Clorox commercial. It's instrumental. There are kids playing with mud. I think it says something about a mud bath. The song is great though! Anybody have any idea!? Thanks.
  10. S

    Clorox "Pirates" and "Mermaids"

    Has anyone seen the new clorox commercial yet, where a boy is dressed like a pirate and looking through a telescope and in a boat at sea, and they zoom out and hes actually playing in the bathroom through the entire commercial there is piano like music sounds its really fitting to the...
  11. P

    Clorox "Bathroom is a playground"

    I am looking for the song in a Clorox commercial where kids are playing in bathtubs in playgrounds/parks. The only lyrics I could discern were "late in the evening." Any suggestions? The product featured is the regular Clorox cleaner.
  12. S

    Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

    the commercial is a mother tickling her baby daughter's feet. spill on the table, mom uses wipes, goes back to laughing with her baby daughter while more tickling ensues.... in the backround i hear this guy singing a song with an acoustic guitar......amazing. i can't find anything on...
  13. S

    Clorox Bathwand

    What's the song played throught the Colrox bath cleaner thingee commercial?