Clairol Nice 'n Easy


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The new clairol has a familiar track on it. Disco type, i've heard it before numerous times, but i do not know the name of it!
Anyone know the song played in the latest Nice and Easy ad campaigns, its in all of them.

Thanks in advance
Is it: Got to be Real by Mary J. Blige ft. Will Smith? They've used this song in many of their commercials in the past.
Anyone know if that song is a remake? I love the tune but Will kills the song, so I was just wondering if there is like an older version of the song. Thanx
Does anyone know the song from the Clairol Touch-up roots commercial? Some of the lyrics are "to be real". I've heard this song before but I can't think of the name.
What is the name of the song and music played during the Clairol Nice and Easy Commercial...something about REAL .. like maybe it REAL?
i think the ad your talking about has the song "I Got To Be Real" by Cheryl Lynn.
hello ppl. i am looking for the song played in the last Clairol commercial. nowadays they r playing a new one it still has a similar tune but it is not really the same. the commercial they played before clearly played the music. there is no lyrics. but at the end of the commercial they say "to be real" (i think). through out the commercial u only hear the models talking. can some1 find this for me.
Artist: Cheryl Lynn
Song: Got To Be Real

What you find, ah
What you feel now
What you know-a
To be real

What you find, ah
(I think I love you baby)
What you feel now
(I feel I need you baby)
What you know-a
To be real

Ooh your love's for real now
You know that your love is my love
My love is your love
Our love is here to stay