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    Clairol Nice 'n Easy with ColorBlend Technology

    I'm looking for the piano jazz tune featured in the current Color blend Technology ad. Check the link below for the commercial. The song plays on HSN during their promo commercials and when hosts announce upcoming show specials. Thanks in advance...
  2. Y

    Clairol Nice 'n Easy Teri Hatcher

    I saw a commercial today - which is presumably brand new, because I've never seen it before on any channels - for Clairol Nice'n'Easy featuring Teri Hatcher. She basically describes how Clairol brightens up her hair, and helps her keep everything under control, or some such thing. The music...
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    Clairol "Lift"

    Clairol "Lift" The main lyrics are "And baby, I'll give you a lift" Sung by a girl. The commercial is for a new hairspray (I suppose) from Clairol called "lift".
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    Clairol Nice 'n Easy

    The new clairol has a familiar track on it. Disco type, i've heard it before numerous times, but i do not know the name of it!
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    Clairol shampoo

    Hello, I saw a commercial at the movie theaters before the movie showed and I think it was a Clairol Shampoo Commercial for Natural Instincts, not sure. But it was a woman walking one a path of flowers pedals with flower pedals falling and she was jumping around. Then she lays on the wave in a...