Citibank "Tire Swing"


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Last night I saw a Citibank ad talking about how overtime was payment for all that you are missing. It showed a child enjoying a swing. I was wondering if anyone knows what song was being played on the commercial. Many thanks!
I believe the music was progressive rock, perhaps with an electronic background.
Yep. I know the ad, but I don't know the tune. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a slide guitar piece.
Yeah, just saw it again this weekend. The music did have a bit of a slide guitar sound. Sounded in the style of such artists as G Love, etc.
Hey gang - this topic was briefly, yet unsuccessfully discussed in another thread. But perhaps with a new post it might energize the troops. The citi bank commercial aired last night again - It's an instrumental piece that starts off sounding like CCR/John Fogerty, then a cool slide guitar jam that has a G-Love vibe.

Looooooooove to find that tune! Help?

MJL :lol:

There was a thread started on this one, but it got buried. There's this song playing during a Citi Bank commerical - the visual at the beginning is of a kid in a swing - It sounds like Creedence Clearwater Revival - but more contemporary. Great slide guitar solo - Michelle - please don't push this to the old thread...need new blood to help find this one! :(

Muchas Gracias
Has anyone seen this one recently? I have only seen it twice ever. Thanks!
:angry: Still can't find the proverbail "old thread" and still no response to the Citi Bank kid in swing add....I did a google and checked adweek and nada.

Any ideas? This one has me stumped and peeved. :ph34r:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh - Ok I get it now. Thanks - So any suggestions on finding this tune? It's an instrumental peice so the likelyhood that it's a tune composed sticktly for the commerical is an unfortunate possibility - but DAMN that song is glued to my noggin'!

Well, I have already spent far too long trying to find the answer to this musical conumdrum. In my limited estimation, this particular commercial (called "Tire Swing" by the ad company) is not The Feelies. Another Citi commercial perhaps, maybe the answer to another Citi thread. I do know this: there are very few people on earth who can play a guitar like that. And I agree that it has a sort of "Jon Fogerty vs The Edge meets Robbie Robertson" thing going on. Keep searching, Loved Ones! We'll find it yet.
Citi has a commercial on right now...little boy on a swing, father pushing him in the background. The commercial says something about being paid overtime because of the things you are missing. It ends by saying 'live life richly'. WHO is the band in the background??? There are no words but the band sounds great.

I've heard that they are The Feelies-"Slow Down" from the album The Good Earth. Can anyone verfiy this information for me? I would greatly appreciate it.
Ok everyone...I have solved this one. I spoke with the ad agency.

Artist = Fernando Viciconte
Song = Ride
Album = Old Man Motel

Citi is running an ad with a kid on a tire swing and the words "Overtime pays more because of what you're missing". There's a good riff playing but no lyrics. Googled the hell out of this and can't find anyone that knows it. Anyone here know?