1. B

    Citi Thank You Visa

    Does anyone know what the song is for this commercial? Thanks!
  2. N

    Citi "Active Vacation" ThankYou Rewards Visa card

    Citi: Active Vacation I saw this a week ago, Does anyone know the name of the song?
  3. E

    Citi "Accessories" mountain climbing

    In the citi card ad where the girl ends up on top of the mountain , what song is playing and who is the artist? Thanks it is driving us nuts.
  4. W

    Citi Thank You Premier Card "Weather Balloon"

    What's the song in the Citi ad? The words are something like "Life is a rolling ocean, if you want to stay in motion..."
  5. J

    Citi Istambul Mets

    Hi, I saw this Citibank commercial on September 22nd, can anyone help me out with the music? Thanks in advance?
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    Citi "Spending Smarter"

    Does anyone know the music behind this citibank commercial I started seeing it a few days ago - catchy tune.
  7. S

    Citi commercial two boys in capes

    Can anyone tell me the musician, song and album for the music (guitar solo) in this commercial. Citi's "More to life than money" with two young boys dressed in capes running in a backyard. Thanks.
  8. C


    Hi guys. The commercial I am thinking of is fairly current. Last time I saw it was about 2 days ago. Overall, from what I remember the commercial had a very minimalistic view, using a LOT of white. I don't remember what specifically went on in the commercial, but I am only looking for the song...
  9. J

    Citibank "Tire Swing"

    Last night I saw a Citibank ad talking about how overtime was payment for all that you are missing. It showed a child enjoying a swing. I was wondering if anyone knows what song was being played on the commercial. Many thanks!
  10. Z

    Citi Life Insurance "Father and Son" kites

    Hi, new here and very impressed with site. Having said that, here is my question: Citi commercial where father and son are flying kites at the beach. It's a classical piece, with violins and piano? I've tried the search option and the one answer that was given, was unfortunately not...