Citibank "Money Man"


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A Citibank commercial just aired during the Rose Bowl game. It shows a young boy with a cape, flexing his muscles. The text reads "No kid ever grew up wanting to be Money Man". What is the name and artist of the instrumental song that plays? Thanks.
I saw this ad last night (at least I think it was this one) and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! I know the song really well but I can't place it.

It's kind of a slow, relaxed guitar instrumental, right? Electric guitar with maybe a little bit of a surf rock sound (some tremolo?) over a somewhat lazy sounding backing band.

I know this song! But I can't place who the band is and it's driving me nuts. Anyone??
I have been watching this hoping some one will figure out this song.
Goes around in my head... :lol:
Got it!!!

It's "Guardian Angels" by Camper Van Beethoven.

You can hear an excerpt here:

I just saw this last night and it drove me CRAZY!!! I couldn't figure
out which band it was or which song. Finally I decided that maybe it
was the Kinks as I heard "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" coming after it
in my head... But I listened to "Face to Face" and it's not on there...

Finally I decided maybe it's Camper van Beethoven (although it's not the typical Camper song they covered that Kinks song on their "Vantiquities" album) so I pulled out Vantiquities and listened to the song before "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" on there and sure enough...Guardian Angels it is.

Whew! Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight. This was DRIVING ME CRAZY!
There is a commercial with a boy in a field putting a black cape over his shoulders. What background music is used in this ad?