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Looking for 2 songs. One is an older Citi commercial with 2 old women singing, "I don't know why i love you like i do...i don't know why....but i dooooo". The other is a new commercial for Xbox Madden 2005 (i think), has a young guy and a girl going out somewhere and he puts here in the cab and stays, song in the background is, "Someday somebodys gonna ask you...a question that you will say yes to..." Any help is appreciated i've looked for the citi song for a while now..

You should start a new thread in Video Game Trailers, for the xBox question. Less confusion, and more gamers look in that forum that can help you. :)
Thanks, but i found the Xbox one already its "Question" by the Old 97's if anyone wants to know. As far as the Citi one...i don't think anyone knows it anywhere lol..
Hey.....speaking of Old 97's there's been an ad running in the LA area for their show at The Troubador. Or maybe it's for an album and the footage is from The Troubador.
Anywayyyyy there's a song in the ad with the lyrics "I will be rewarded for the good things I've done" and the song title has eluded me so far. I'm sure I'll find it eventually but if anyone knows it offhand I'd sure appreciate it. ;)
The song from the Citi commercial is called "I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)" but I have no idea who the old ladies are. It would be cool if there were a recording of them out there because it is a pretty cool commercial
Hi there I too am looking for this song on the CITI commercial by the two old ladies. Has anyone found it out there?