Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Well I have to say that the resourcefulness of people on this site is pretty amazing. So I was hoping somebody knows the music in the Borgata commercial. Borgata is some resort casino thing in New Jersey and I've seen the commercial here in New York. Anybody have any idea what the song is? Thanks.
Regional ads are pretty tough. (Being on the west coast, I haven't seen this ad.)

Can you describe the music in more detail? Genre? (Pop? Classical?) Singer? (Male? Female?)
I checked with them and sadly they are part of some sort of $25 million ad campian that made that song personally for the and sadly with no plans to make a full version.

I know this because I mailed them and they said that.
Looking for the song used in the TV commercial for Borgata Hotel & Casino. It's the ad where throngs of people on motor scooters converge on city streets and head for the hotel. Thanks!
I don't know the music (yet), but seeing this ad I thought it was a commercial for Vespa scooters literally until the very last second of the spot. Is that effective advertising? :)
Lyrics: "Take me out of this crazy world, I wanna see what's on the other side..."
what kind of music? rock, dance, slow, etc...? female/male voice?
Mid to uptempo, electronica/indie hybrid; bright female vocals with multi-tracked harmonies in the background of the mix; major key.