Cinemax Summer Overload promo


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It was actually a CINEMAX Montage......and it was CINEMAX EAST that SPIDERMAN Aired on.

Just viewed yet another Montage that has managed to befuddle my brain with a familiar song that I have been looking for but don't know the name of....

Aired on CINEMAX East immediately after Spiderman......has the word OVERLOAD in a # of the texts of the montage.

Anyone have any ideas???

Thanks in advance :)
Hi, there is another HBO promo that constanly runs on HBO onDemand along with one featuring 'C'mon' by the Von Bondies...

the second one features mostly Charlies Angels, 28 days later, and X Men cuts but also features cuts from a variety of other HBO movies and ends in black screen quickly flashing the titles of all the movies in it... British/UK band by the lead's voice

Anyone? anyone? Bueller?

No, if you read my post - I am referring to another HBO spot, NOT the one with the Von Bondies... I have seen that one... this is another one... thanks
I found it based on the one phrase I could make out ' Relative Ways'....

It is a tune by some band called either 'Trail of Dead' or the entire phrase 'And You will Know us by the Trail of Dead' (downer name eh!?) the single is 'Relative Ways'
Maybe it was actually for a Cinemax ad, not HBO... At least, that song was used for an ad, discussed earlier here... Sorry we didn't realize that sooner.
its the new promo/idle thingy they play in the corner of the screen, its really almost like trance and techno, its a girl singing, in the begining she says "straight ahead" and every now and again she says "overload" and at the end of it she says "push push", everything in between i dont understand (maybe i should turn down the subwoofer)

id really love to find out what this song is, tried seaching, but no luck

also the ad has lots of palm trees and sun flares with big red letters going about the screen

i saw it on cinemax on demand

hope this helps, and i hope someones knows
I'm trying to find this exact song as well....

I'll keep watching this thread

Yes its dancey house kinda music with female vocals I think the chorus is "for the love" or somthing like that hard to make out the lyrics
You're going to need to narrow down what it is you'd like us to listen to at that link. Nothing plays when the page opens and if Summer Overload is clicked it goes to a page with several choices. :unsure:
This was answered previously. It's "Straight Ahead" by Tube & Berger feat. Chrissie Hynde