Chrysler line-up

i have no clue what the name of this song is, and i need help finding it!!!!
I agree with givemfitz, the music sounds like it was created specifically for the commercial. Therefore you will not be able to buy it or download it.
That's not the one that uses Bittersweet Symphony is it? If it is, then it is on some Symphonic Rolling Stones CD or the intro music to the Verve's Bittersweet Symphony
Nawwww it's different than the Verve intro. Good guess though. ;)
I too have done many searches on this song and found another forum where someone actually wrote to Chrysler and they said that the song was specially made for their commercials and has no name.

With a quick Google search I ended up at a website named but his site kept redirecting me to his home page that did not have a link for TV commercials. Its possible that he made the song, or did not, there really isn't any way of checking unless someone wants to email him.

I had to chuckle to myself when I saw all these other people looking for the same song as me ... sweet forum ... I will definitely be back again
I've been looking for this everywhere as well, I know it's not Nickel Creek because I have both their albums. I tried to contact Chrysler, but they were no help. Grr!