1. Y

    2013 Chrysler Sedan 200 C

    I've been looking for this song for the past few days, and no dice. It's in one of the new Chrysler commercials. It's not the one with Jay-Z's "Heart of the City". It sounds like it's R&B, and I couldn't hear any lyrics. It may very well be a sample in a rap song. I can't even find the...
  2. A

    Chrysler 200 "Rise From the Ashes"

    Does anybody know what beat they use in this commercial?
  3. N

    2012 Chrysler 300 "If You're Gonna"

    Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing in the background? it is an old school hip hop type beat.
  4. J

    Chrysler 300 "Homecoming"

    This is the one for the 2011 commerical. :D
  5. S

    Chrysler "Style"

    They played a new, extended Chrysler commercial during the Golden Globes. It's in black and white, and seems a bit vintage. The song is instrumental (piano and/or violins), but there's a man talking in the commercial over the music. I heard it in a commercial years ago, this time with a woman's...
  6. T

    Chrysler 300 Boxer

    what on earth is this song?
  7. E

    Chrysler Town and Country piano song

    Does anyone know the song in this commercial? I googled and found a few other threads on it but no answers.
  8. F

    Chrysler PT Cruiser

    There's a new Chrysler PT Cruiser ad playing, and it has a quick, catchy song, but I can't make out a single word even though I keep hearing it. Anyone know the song? I'll try to describe it next time I see it.
  9. T

    2010 Chrysler 300 "Dance"

    I was wondering if anyone knows the song that was used in the latest 2010 Chrysler 300 Touring Commercial. It's all instrumental--no lyrics--and one of the most memorable phrases in the ad was "keeping the perfect step." The song sounds Latin. Here's a youtube video of this...
  10. S

    Chrysler Town and Country

    So there is a new ad for the Chrysler Town and country and I'm trying to figure out what is the song in the background. The car is driving down the road but the view of a passanger looking out. We see several kids looking at the car with wonder and amazement. It is in black and white. I tried...
  11. H

    Chrysler Town and Country "Connect"
  12. S

    Chrysler 300 "Nightlife"

    I'm trying to narrow down which version of "Sway" is in the "Nightlife" commercial here: I'm pretty sure it is Michael Buble, but not sure which version it is, it sounds like a remix. Any help is appreciated.
  13. R

    Chrysler Town and Country "We Build"

    it is the song in this commercial: does anyone know what song it is? it is killing my insides.
  14. J

    Dodge Chrysler Jeep "We Build"

    It's part of the "We build" series that Chrysler/Jeep is doing, but I don't remember which it was advertising. It was some sort of mini SUV It was a girl and she kept singing "It's okay" The commercial starts out- We build coolers, we build dog houses" Sorry for the lack of information. Any...
  15. G

    Chrysler 300 C

    havent been able to find this song playing on new chrysler 300c commercial--oct 2008. song is kinda rappy with lyrics like 'move outside let the man go thru let the man go thru' any help appreciated
  16. I

    Chrysler Town and Country

    There's a Chrysler Town & Country commercial. Song has the following lyrics: You came along all bright and new With big ideas That grew and grew and grew Who knew The song is: "With Big Ideas" by Bill Mumy
  17. K

    Chrysler 300

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know the name of the song in the new Chrysler 300 commercial? The commercial is all about people who have customized their 300's; the music is very hip-hip-ish. Thanks guys. -KS
  18. T

    Chrysler 300 C

    whats the song thats playing in the background of the Chrysler 300 C commercial
  19. P

    Chrysler 300

    Hello! This is the first time I have EVER posted a message any forum, but I have searched the net for months with no answer to my question :( . Does anybody know the song that was used in a car commercial for the Chrysler 300? The commercial showed a sleek black car. The song has a techno...
  20. ad-rock

    2005 Chrysler 300C

    I just saw this commercial today, so I think it's new. I don't remember much about the music, but it kinda sounded hip-hop without any lyrics. I searched around so I could link to the ad, but no luck there. It showed a black 300C then the Motor Trend award. I'll post more info if I can find any~