Chevy Year-End clearance


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The song has been featured in a recent car commercial (although I cannot remember the make or model of the vehicle). However, it was also featured in "Thelma and Louise" as they were riding through the dessert and they were bopping their heads around to the tune. I am not even certain of all the words, except it says "You don't know...." I believe it's an older tune, but very catchy.

Thanks for your help.
Do you remember anything that happened on the car commercial?
I did check out the movie soundtrack and listened to the bites given by a purchase site, but those samples produced nil in the relm of familiarity. I will have to find the commercial again to find out what vehicle it was for. I am one of those annoying people that keep the tele on for the noise value -- not actual watching most of the time. :D
I looked through the soundtrack list at IMDb, that I gave you earlier... And I didn't recognize any of the songs listed as some that were used in ads. But that doesn't mean too much ;)

Where are you located? US, Canada, elsewhere?
No, it isn't "The Way You Do The Things You Do" but thanks for the suggestion. ;)

It took all weekend before I saw the commercial again, it is for the Chevy Year-End clearance. I huge semi-truck with a trailer loaded with cars slides/fishtails beautifully into place in front of a dealership.

The tune switches beat, it seems, from the stanzas compared to the chorus. I am also now not so certain that the one phrase I knew is even actually correct.
I have also been wondering what this song is if anyone can help. It sounds like "you don't know what way......" or at some points (on a newer chevy suv 2004 commercial I believe) it sounds like "I like to dream...." if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.