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I've wondered the name/artist of this song for the last 20 years. It's obscure enough that it's never been on any 80's or 70's compilation albums I've ever heard, but mainstream enough to hear in a grocery store or department store. It's mostly instrumental, although I think there's one part with some vocals that say something to the effect of "we're gonna have a wing-ding", "welcome to the wing-ding", or substitute "party" or "good time" for wing-ding.

It could be categorized as Lite Rock now, I guess. I remember it as a groovy, little synthesized dance-y tune I first heard when I was in my early teens in the mid 80s. I'm not sure the song came out in the 80s, it could be older. I think it might be 80s because it sounded like it was completely composed on a synthesizer. It also pops into my head that I saw a conceptual video for it once that had Keith Haring-type figures animated.

It's hard to describe what I mean by this, but it's a really light, groovy kind of song. No guitars in it anywhere that I remember, very few vocals. Almost sounds like acid jazz today.

I promise that I am not hallucinating, and that this is an actual song - despite the post.
For me, the only one that comes to mind is "All Night Party" by Gleaming Spires. It's the last song on the Revenge of the Nerds soundtrack. :huh:
Afraid that's not it.

Maybe my description is off a bit. It sounds like jazz music. The majority of the song has no vocals at all. It's mostly just a drum track and piano (or synthesized piano) over it.

Man, I really wish I could describe it in words. Is there anything I can do to help anyone get an idea? I don't know of any movies or commercials it was in.

This is frustrating.
You could always record yourself humming the tune, or playing the notes on a piano, etc...
This probably won't be it, but...

Donald Fagen's "New Frontier" has the lyrics "were gonna have a wing ding" and it's kind of jazzy

it has lots of lyrics though...
Dude, that's it!!

I've never heard that whole version of that song before. I didn't realize it hard that many lyrics. I guess that explains why I never could explain it to anyone.

Wow! Thanks for all the help.
haha ^^

killthewabbit : atleast give one cute happy smiley :D
Could've sworn there was an embarrassed smiley I inserted yesterday. <_<

Thought it looked like this one: :blush:

Then again, I could've sworn there were no lyrics in New Frontier.

However, I agree that I did not give proper thanks - so here goes:
Mr/Mrs/Ms FashionFaux-Pas,
I humbly appeal for your forgiveness for my not showing enough gratitude after you graciously search the annals of your massive volumes of music knowledge to find a tidbit that matched my vague, yet sincere, request. Might I offer you a ninja smiley for no apparent reason?


Again, and with all seriousness, thanks for the help, folks. I ran around yesterday after reading this to tell everyone I'd previously asked what the song turned out to be.

To the site owners, this site is great. I've been introduced to Modest Mouse, Amon Tobin, Tomatsu Hotei, and now Donald Fagan thanks to your generosity.