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New guy here--

My dad and I were debating who's in the commercial for the Equinox SUV...

It's a funk song, and all the garage doors open as the SUV passes; "The Equinox: all garages want one."

I think it's a Rick James tune, but not sure.
i think you're talking about "grazing in the grass" by friends of distinction...

here's a sample...track #1

hope it's it :lol:
oh i think you're absolutely right! my bad! is it possible there could be the same commercial, but running them w/ two different songs? i could have sworn i saw that commercial with 'grazing in the grass'...! and theos songs definitely don't sound alike....hmmm...? :blink:
hi its me again,

the chevy equinox has different commercials, one uses a rick james "give it to you baby" the other uses friends of distinction, and esquivel, but there is one during the NBA final on ABC that had a slow R.N.B or soul music that isn`t none of the please could you guys help me find that sounds like isaac hayes or sylvester ..but it is an old RNB/SOUL song. I have heard all of the above mentioned but it it wasn`t any.
Hopefully this will straighten things out for everybody, because I get to see these ads every day, all day.

If it's the garage doors going up and down, it's "Give it To Me Baby" by Rick James.

If a couple is making out in the back seat while the salesman is in the front seat, it's "Close the Door" by Teddy Pendergrass.

If the guy is finding notes and then lingerie in the SUV, it's the Esquivel track (anybody have the name of that track, by the way?)

So far, I haven't seen a commercial with Grazing In the Grass yet.