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Does anyone know the name of the song played during the chevy commercial where a bunch of chevy compacts (Cobalt, etc) bounce a ball around back and forth?
Are you talking about the Woo Hoo song? It is called "Woo Hoo" (how appropos) and was originally performed by the's. It's also seen in many of the new Vonage broadband ads. Anyway, the Chevy Cobalt commercial has someone else doing it... and I'm not sure who. But at least you have the title... and I think the original version is much better. :)
Yes!!! Thank you! It was really starting to bother me because I had no idea where I had heard that song!!! Kill Bill!
Yup. I heard it first in the Vonage ads and it made me crazy for a few days. I kept thinking... I KNOW I heard that before. Every time I hear it I have to go play the song out to it's completion so it doesn't get stuck in my head. Stupid earworms.
Does anyone know the commercial that has this in it?

"Who whoo, who who whooo?" It's like a guy singing that? I was at a carrot top show last night and he played it a few times but can't remember where it was from.

It's "Woo-Hoo" by the Rock-A-Teens, but there is also a remake by the's.
i believe the newest cobalt commercial is using "The Yardbirds-Over Under Sideways down".
I just glanced at it the other day and was seeing if that was true?
Yeah... it's actually the very same commercial, but they just changed the music. And I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing it's because the Vonage ads are so pervasive that they wanted to distinguish their commercial from it. I'm not sure if the song is what you have listed above, but it's definitely no longer the "Woo Hoo" song.
There is a song they play on the new Chevy Cobalt commericial where a bunch of cars are bouncing this red ball around this city, really cool guitar part
The Chevy Cobalt commercial has changed. They no longer play the Woo Hoo song. Now it's a different song, but it still sounds cool. There's no lyrics. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Anybody know the music to the Chevy Cobalt Commercial when the cars are playing ball throughout a city. Then one breaks a window. They repeat the word "hey" a lot in the commercial. It is a rock song.
Maybe -- Gary Glitter "Rock and Roll Part 1" (or Part 2... not really sure what the difference is). You can listen to audio sample from both tracks here.
Im trying to find this one song that is played in that one car commercial, that has the red ball running away and hiding from all the cars. At the end of the commerical its in the garage and shows itself. Just wandering, what that song is called.
Believe this is titled something along the lines of "Whoohoo" by the 5,6,7,8's (on one of the Kill Bill soundtracks?).
It used to be that song but they changed the music. Probably changed it because the same music is also in a Vonage commercial.

If you do a search here, I believe the new music was discusswed.
Isn't it "Over Under Sideways Down" by the Yardbirds? I think you can even hear the words.
i am trying to find out who sings the song on the chevy colbalt commercial where several models of the colbalt are playing with a red ball. there is a cool catchy guitar riff and a group of guys singing something but it has the word "hey" in it. can someone please help, i can't get that tune out of my head...