Chevy Cobalt


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I saw a Chevy Cobalt commercial with some nice background music. In the commercial some guy goes to his car to find a whole group of people who want a ride and he says, "I can only take four of you." Anybody know what the music is?
I realize this isn't the exact song, but it jumped out at me when I heard it. The riff on the Cobalt ad sounds an awfully lot like the intro on "Laura" by the Scissor Sisters, (except for the lyrics, the ad has none). But the guy sais "I can only take four of you", and the little piano beat starts up again.

I think this is the closest you're going to get to the actual song used by Chevy, because of course they like making their own soundscore for their commercials. Methinks the band and the composer for the ad either had the excact same idea, or one used the other's! Because it's very catchy!