Car Ad (Mercedes?) from earlier 2003


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Ad ran a lot in spring & summer 2003. Brain tells me it was for Mercedes. Black & white video. Shot from outside car driving through European-looking streets/buildings. May have been woman at opening of ad. Very lush, romantic instrumental music with prominent strings.
Could it possibly be the "Mannequin" ad? You can view a few of MB's ads from the past year here.

The song in the "Mannequin" is called "C'est Presque Ca" by Rouge Rouge, which is damn near impossible to find -- but it is included on the "Paris Lounge 2" CD.

(Upon further reading, the song is available on Rouge Rouge's debut album, "Ce Soir Apres Diner," just under a different name: "Decide Toi.")
Thanks for replying, however, it's not the Rouge Rouge song. Much more traditional-sounding tune. Middle-of-the-road instrumental; not ambient or world or any other contemporary genre. Any other thoughts?

Merecedes site didn't load anything when I clicked on the TV commercial portion fo their site, so I haven't been able to check on whether the ad is there.
Sounds like it might be the Starmark commercial that used 'I Only Have Eyes For You' by 'The Flamingos'

Not sure though

I think I know what you're talking about. It is a mercedes benz commercial, I think. I think there's a black mercedes driving through a European looking city at night. And a girl sings the background song but that's all I could remember. It's not with the manequins or with the flamingos song. It's something else. I hope somebody knows cuz it's driving me nuts, too.
Not "I Only Have Eyes For You" and not any of the current TV ads posted on MB's site. Thanks for taking a shot at the answer.

Don't recall a female vocal on the track: just instruments. The video Home*Runner describes does sound like the one I'm refferring to.
Know this is an old post... but I found a Mercedes C-Class ad that sounds like it could fit the description... Anyway, here is the ad.

This song sounds really familiar to me too... But I can't figure it out -- does anyone have a clue?