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I am desperatly trying to figure out the name of the opera from the Capitol One commercial where the guy is getting chased by some warrior guys. I've heard this song before, but cannot figure out where. It is a pretty intense song that is usually played during war scenes in movies and such. Can anyone out there help me??

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Which Captial One commercial? The basic premise for all the Captial One commercials is that the chump with the crappy credit card is getting chased by a mob.
Actually I think I found my answer on one of the other posts. The song I was looking for was O Fortuna. Thanks for your help! :D
What is the name of the classical song on the new Capital One commercial? It's a famous song and has been played on other commercials in the past.
I am looking for the song that is playing while the Viking are raging through the mall, its a song I have heard in many movies and other ads but I have never found the name for it.

The commercial starts with a husband and wife paying for somthing at a counter. The husband says not that high intrest card, and the vikings start charging through to mall towards them. until she say no the capital one card. and one of the viking says "whats in your wallet".

thanx for any help
What is the tune to the new capital one ad where there in the mall its like hardcore opera.
hi does anybody know that song that is in the most recent citibank commercial with the barbarians running through the mall? it is classical chorus music, heavy and dark....and i also think it was in a commercial for a madden football video game a few years ago. the song is very recognizeable, but i have no idea who composed it or what it is called. thanks!!!
I've got another one of those "creepy opera ones" Its the new capitol one card commercial, there is a couple in teh mall and a huge swarm of barbarians rush in...there is opera choral type music playin and i believe it was used in star wars episode 1, if it wasnt the same it was very similar
Ok, so this is a Capital One Credit card commercial where all the vikings are tearing through the mall like it was nothing. Its playing that really bad-a orchestrated song that I have heard on a few commercials, a movie trailer, and some DBZ music video. BUT I DONT KNOW THE NAME!!!!
I've got this song stuck in my head and I can't tell which commercial it is (possibly in the CAPITAL ONE commercial when all those viking dudes are "pillaging" i think) but I know it has been in many movies and TV shows.

Its like a huge choir/orchestra singing these three notes and then a huge boom.

They play it in like football recaps on big hits and stuff, and I'll try too tell you what it sounds like haha

its sorta like



I know it seems stupid, but thats about the best I can do to describe it haha.

Thanks in advance
The song is "O Fortuna" from the music of "Carmina Burana" by German composer Karl Orff. The music was composed in the twenties. Some of the Lyrics were poems supposedly writtern by monks sometime before the middle ages. The work was written in Latin. The beginning and end of the piece uses "O fortuna" (loosely translated means "Oh Goddess of luck)".
i was wondering what the song that is serving as the background music for the Captial One commericals with the vikings that are pilliaging the place. Its kinda old...maybe a year or two. I kno that its classical music tho. Any help would be greatly apprecicated.