capital one

  1. I

    Capital One push pins

    I'd really really like to know what the music is in this commercial. For a while I was sure it was Go Team but I wasn't able to find a song on any of their albums that matched it. A better description of the commercial: Push Pins falling for from the sky.. the music sounds like a jump rope...
  2. Kth

    Capital One barbarian piano song

    This is actually an answer, not a question. I was looking for this song, so I want to help anyone else who was also looking for it. There's been this commercial on recently for Capital One card lab triple rewards, but I didn't know what the song was. I remembered hearing it, if a more lively...
  3. W

    Capital One

    I saw a commerical where there was a banker with his hand in a man's back pocket... while they are playing tennis, walking, or walking down the aisle with his daughter.. the banker is in back of them with his hand in their pocket. The jingle is cute.. "hands in your poket, hands in your...
  4. C

    Capital One

    I'm looking for the song used in the new Capital One ad which features vikings running through a football game. The song is rock and has male vocals singing, "the boys are back in town".
  5. A

    Capitol One

    I am desperatly trying to figure out the name of the opera from the Capitol One commercial where the guy is getting chased by some warrior guys. I've heard this song before, but cannot figure out where. It is a pretty intense song that is usually played during war scenes in movies and such...
  6. M

    Capital One

    i was wondering what song that they play in the background, its quite faint. the capital one commercial where they're in night on a small dock and so on.....the guy comes back and girl has aged.......thanks in advance