Campbell's Tomato Soup


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Campbell's Tomato Soup, Possibilities... There's more to it, but that's the gist of the song.
Does anyone know who sings this song?? It sounds a bit like Macy Gray to me, but since I can't find anything on the web about it, it probably isn't. ?????
It does sound a lot like Macy Gray... that being said I doubt you'd be able to get the song anywhere else but watching the commercial, just because it was obviously made explicitly for that advertisement. Have you tried emailing the Campbell's company and asking?
It didn't sound like Macy Gray at all to me! But ohiomedgirl is right. That song was specifically made for the ad. If they don't have a link for their commercials try emailing customer service, customer relaltions, or public relations to find out more.
I called Campbell's yesterday. The gal who answered had no clue who sang the jingle. She did say that she would ask and then call me back. I have not yet heard back from her. :( I will email today and see if I get a response.