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Hi folks, new to the site. If you've covered this forgive me, I haven't been able to find this theme anywhere. It has been used behind the NFL campbell soup commercials, HBO boxing, NFL network and even baseball playoffs. Very brassy and bold. Hope you can help . Thanks.
I think this is the same song I am looking for. NFL Films uses it, I remember the campbells soup commercial using it. Its classic nfl films sounding, but i cant find it. Its used on highlight videos a lot.

It kind of goes "Da da, Da da, Da da DAA"

I know that doesn't help at atll but still
A&E had a commercial that was "2003's Biggest Moments" or something to that effect, and I forgot about it until earlier. I was watching NFL Playoffs on ESPN 2 and they played the song again. What is this song? Thanks.
It's an instrumental piece, kind of 'uplifting,' and the score is a little bravado. It's hard to describe instrumentals, but that's the best I can do.
Hmm... Be a little more descriptive, Hans.

The A&E Biograhpy ad showed the big moments of the year... the Blackout, the war in Iraq, Ah-nold, Kobe, Michael Jackson, the Peterson case, and then a few important people who died, like John Ritter (caption: "Fates Simple Rules"), Johnny Cash ("Farewell, Hellraiser"), and Fred Rogers ("Goodbye, neighbor"). Hope this helps more...
Da da, Da da, Da da , da da, DAA. "Flash, you're humming the same tune but I can't find it. Used lots so it might be stock. Been around for about 2 years maybe a tad longer, I know everyones heard it but where can we find it? Not really a theme, more of a background. Keep searching.
Anyway, back to the thread. I heard it again the other day. It is usually played over a certain sports highlight package or preview to an event. Picture a ball player in slow motion, and an announcer voice and this song in the background. Very uplifting.
That description reminds me of the themesong from the movie The Natural. I don't know the actual name of the song though ;)
The entire score for that movie was written by Randy Newman, "Short People""I Love L.A.", and there is no real theme per se. You may be talking about the music at the end when he hits the homerun listed as "knock the cover off the ball" on the soundtrack.

Excellent call with virtually no info if it turns out to be the music.
Yes, I am speaking of "Knock the cover off the ball"...I love that scene where he hits the homerun and smashes the lights...I get teary-eyed just thinking about it, and I don't even like sports!
I've HEARD that music before! I'm looking for the same thing. It was also used on a video I got from Nintendo for the N64. It had a trailer for Jet Force Gemini on it with that music. Been looking for it ever since. Any luck?
Still looking. There seems to be a few others trying to find it. It is appearing more on the NFL network and I still hear it for sports retrospectives. Thanks for the posts but it is not the The Natural.
Hey, is it the same orchestrated song that was on the shopzone commercial with Jon Gruden and John Lynch of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selling jerseys and shirts?
I think that song has been playing in the background of Bravo promos for the movie Primary Colors this week... At least I think we're thinking of the same song.
I emailed and they told me:


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This is so frustrating!!!! I emailed my local sportstalk radio station Friday for info because I heard them playing that song during the season, so we will see.....
I just heard it again, but this time on Directv for Sunday NFL Ticket. I will try them too....

Thanks to those cool folks at The sports alter forum ( the piece has been located. Composed by the great Tom Hedden of NFL films fame. Only problem is they're only sampples. Now if someone can locate the the full versions.

Go to and search under the keyword tab on the left for "introduction". Four songs should pop up. Click on the Windows Media Player logo next to the one that says "introduction (aka open)" and enjoy!
WOOOO! Awesome! I was reminded to look for that track again today and FINALLY there it is!
I have that tune if it's called "OPEN" on NFL CD 3, in fact I have all 21 CDs of the NFL Films Library as well as the entire range of NFL Films Music on vinyl that I transferred to CD.

Here's the details to "OPEN":

Library: NFL Films
Track Title: Open
CD#: NFL 3, #1
Track Description: Dramatic overture, covering a wide range of emotions & tempos.
Composers: Hedden, Tom (BMI) ©
Publisher: NFL RIVER/APM (BMI)

This is library production music, also known as "stock music".
Just buy the Autumn Thunder set. It's part of the 75 Seasons Suite on disc 7.