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Was wondering if anyone knew the song that is in one of the current Budweiser adverts... there's no singing (just a techno kind of beat) and it just flashes to all these different countries all over the world with different couples drinking Budweiser... may be Canadian advert only... not too sure. Thanks.
Was looking for the same song & finally emailed Labatt directly(see response below.) Too bad though - as I really liked that song too!

"Thank you for your e-mail Joanne! We appreciate receiving comments and
feedback from our consumers. The music is an original piece and was created
for the commercial. Thank you for your interest in Budweiser."
The commercial shows different people (always couples) sitting at tables with a glass of beer for each . The camera pans around them as the people and the location keep changing (there is paris, moscow, japan, etc..)

It's a really cool fast beat but I haven't seen anybody post about this one...and once again, it is not that Galvanize track.

Got a link? I can't find it on Budweiser's commercials site.
BUMP...please somebody answer this. The groove is amazing. It's a Budweiser commercial being aired during World Cup.

Currently I watch it on Rogers here in Canada...TSNHD airs it almost every break.

Couple sitting around a table..camera pans around...as it pans...the couples and backgrounds morph from one culture to the next.

At the end, it says "Budweiser...One World..One Game...One Beer".

It isn't the Stadium Wave comomerical, and it isn't "Chemical Bros"

Unfortunately, I can't find the video on Google or Youtube.com to show.... gaaaaaah

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