Breaking Bonaduce


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I didnt take the time to notice in the first two episodes, but at least in the third episode at the end while the credits are rolling there is a "season preview" where a busy piano song is playing. Would anyone happen to know the name of this tune?

In the dangerous behavior episode there is a band playing right when they do the upcoming parts of the show. The song starts out with three chords playing at the same time. It's right at the time he's shooting up on steroids.
hey guys, i'm new to the site, and i've been looking for a very long time for 2 things:

on breaking bonaduce commercials, with the black screen and white writing, there is a song playing in the background (with no words). it's emotional and a bit depressing, and sounds like a guitar. if plays through the whole commerical. if anyone knows this song, ill love you forever.

every now and then there's a Vh1 commercial...i saw it first during the most recent surreal life marathon. its very short...maybe about 5 seconds long. this also is a guitar, but uplifting, unlike the breaking bonaduce one. there are no words in this one either. i dont remember what goes on during this VERY short little commercial...but i remember during the surreal life marathon it had janice dickinson looking at a wine bottle. it played the song, and put the picture of her with the wine on the vh1 logo.

if anyone can help, i'd appreciate it a lot.
UPDATE: i found the song in the breaking bonaduce commercial (its called Love Burns, by Black Rebel Motocycle Club, for anyone who's looking), but I'm still stumped on the second one.

any help would be appreciated
I amlooking for the same thing ...I liked the commercials also ..thank u 4 the info though Im downloading the song now ..