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During the opening ceremonies of the 2011-2012 season & banner hanging and the honoring of the remaining living 1972 team that last brought home the Stanley Cup they played some music that I would like to know. These are some wicked awesome pieces! They pull just the right amount emotion especially if you're a Bruins fan like I am and damned proud of that team!
This website has several videos and did my best to go over them and gather times and such, but I'm pretty much interested in knowing all the music used.

Video one has several pieces(or what I think are several pieces). There are what I believe 8 pieces in total.

Video Two has 2 pieces.

Video 3 has no music.

Video 4 has music in the background that's hard to hear when the '72 teams comes out on the ice. It can be heard better at minute 1:20-3:04. It sounds VERY familiar, but I can't place it. The next piece picks up at 3:04. Same piece or similar composer? 4:46-4:55 the next piece picks up. 4:56-? Maybe someone else can make better sense of it all.