Bond 50 James Bond 50th Anniversary Blu-ray set


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Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for this great community! All of my previous questions were answered extremely quickly, and I really appreciate that!

I have another one for you! This is the trailer for the 50th Anniversary Blue Ray DVD Set of Bond...James Bond.

Although I will admit I am a rather fanatic James Bond fan, I simply can't figure out which "James Bond Theme" the trailer features! Can you help me out? As this is a collection, and each bond movie has its own "James Bond Theme", each segment might be from a different source movie.

Can you please help me figure out which musical segments of the trailer are from which movies "James Bond Theme"?

Thank you so much!

0:00-0:08 Segment 1
0:08-0:10 I *think* this is an inserted pause between segment 1 and segment 2 with unrelated background theme, but the pause may have been in the original theme, and Segment 1, this pause, and Segment 2 are all the same musical piece. If this doesn't make sense let me know and I'll clarify.
0:12-0:17 Segment 2 - I think this is a continuation of Segment 1
0:18-0:32 Segment 3
0:32-0:44 Segment 4
0:44-1:07 Segment 5
1:08-1:14 Segment 6
1:15-1:29 Segment 7 I think this is a custom arrangement made just for this trailer
1:34-1:44 Segment 8