1. bogzay


    Doesn anyone know any of the songs from this trailer ?
  2. A

    Bond 50 James Bond 50th Anniversary Blu-ray set

    Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for this great community! All of my previous questions were answered extremely quickly, and I really appreciate that! I have another one for you! This is the trailer for the 50th Anniversary Blue Ray DVD Set of Bond...James Bond. Although I will admit I am...
  3. jca

    Quantum of Solace

    Did anyone see Quantum of Solace? Is it true it isn't nearly as good as Casino Royale?
  4. jca

    Quantum of Solace

    Thought it was interesting that an instrumental version of the new Quantum of Solace James Bond title theme "Another Way To Die" by Jack White is in a new Coke Zero commercial advert: Apparently Jack White (who recorded the song with Alicia Keys) is not happy about it: "Jack White was...
  5. V

    Quantum of Solace

    what is the music for the bond 22 trailer? (HD) (SD) more specifically the part right M says "When you can't till your friends from your enemies its time to go" if you could get all the music used in the trailer that would be great too