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Hi all. Awhile back, maybe even a year ago, there was a movie on Sci Fi called Bone Snatcher (sort of the The Mummy?) but the trailer music was awesome and I was never able to find the bad. I went to another forum where someone suggested a band called Rasputina (sp?) may have made the song, but never found it or any indication that the band played music for the tv film. Another suggestion was that the Kidney Thieves sang it, but once again, I have not found that song or any news suggesting they recorded the song featured there.

Does anyone remember this music and/or recognize the artist? Thanks in advance :)

Do you remember any lyrics? Male/female vocals? Tempo? Genre?
Hey there :) Thanks for reading! Yes, that is the trailer! But, when they played it on Sci-Fi it had differnent music ~ that didn't have the sound effects. The song in the background didn't follow along with the events in the trailer, if that makes sense.

All I remember is that it was a good alternative jam, female voice(s), with sort of an 'egyptian' flavor to the song. It had good guitar. I don't know how else to describe it. I do not remember any lyrics. I was hoping someone else may have seen the same advertisement. There is even a forum on Sci Fi here Sci Fi BBoard where someone asked about the same music and there was no reply.