Bobby Flay on Food Network


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Hey all,

I just caught the end of an episode of Bobby Flay's show on the food network. I was able to ascertain (I think) that he was in Boston and learning how to make a clam bake. At the end, there was music from this band that was standing outside and the lyrics went something like, "... find my way back home, find my way back home."

There was a woman singing and the group had about five members (4 males, 1 female). The song sounded really, really nice and I just hope that someone else was watching the show and can provide some more information. Thanks!
From your description of the band and the fact that the show was in Boston, could it have been VONDA SHEPARD?

The lyrics you quoted are similar to those in 'Searchin' My Soul'.

Listen to sample here (Track 1).

Very tenuous I know!
Nope, it wasn't Vonda. This lady had brown hair and was kinda hippie-ish.