BMW Holiday Sales Event


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I'm looking for the name of the strings piece used in a new BMW Holiday Sales Event commercial. I didn't find anything on their website.
I THINK it has cars kinda driving around in like a ballroom. I say 'think' because I know there's a Pontiac or Oldsmobile commercial with that kind of scenario. This BMW one has a strings/quartet piece playing in it.
If I see anymore details about the commercial, I'll add them.

Seen a commercial a couple times in the past 2 weeks or so most recently during the apprentice finale on nbc. Its a car commercial, although i'm not sure wich kind. (acura maybe). I've been working everytime i've seen it, so I mostly just caught a glimpse of the visuals, but loved the audio (classical string). Very laid back. Its definitely a holiday type commercial, I just remember a car pulling up to a lighted house in the snow. Thx in advance to anyone who can help.
I've sent an email to BMW asking for the song title. I dont have much hope though, please keep looking.
haha this could be fun. I foud out thtat the company who did the Holiday campagin for BMW is publicis- new york. I sent the press contact there an email, and got a reply. She said the tune to holiday magic was composed and produced by Amber Music in London. I have a contact number. Its night hours over there right now, so I'll call later. Here's the number, I'm guessing they did the music for all the holiday campaign for bmw, so if someone has another commercial.....

jeffthomas58, You're a peach!

I thought this BMW commercial's music that I love so much was
the tune in the "mistletoe" one, because I've always missed the
beginning of the BMW Holiday Magic commercial and did not know
multiple BMW holiday commercials are currently out.

(Turns out I never actually saw the mistletoe one
until two nights ago. That tune is pretty, too.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. --Sharon (a/k/a smallplace)
Does anyone know the artist who plays the music for the BMW "Holiday Magic" commercial??? It's like string instrumental. The commercial has a silver BMW driving around christmas decorations. It's killing me that I can't find it. Please help if you can! Thanks!!!
if someone does call this company, could I be so bold as to request they ask about the mistletoe ad? My cellphone won't allow international calls. :angry: Time to get vonage! Anyway, if someone does call and does this, my thanks would be forever yours.... :D (what motivation, eh?)