BMW 325i commercial song


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The commercial is featuring the BMW 325i and the song played is a soft piano melody. The narrator talks about how the car drives as if it's still summer eventhough it's not like it at all on the outside. There are kids making snow angels on the grass when seen through the window of the car. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
ARG! I was looking for the same thing a couple weeks ago. Never did get a reply. It's a really pretty tune, isn't it? Well, good luck; I'll be watching your post. :(
This is a nice, pretty piano tune, in a sparse, wintery George Winston kinda way. The car's driving by, and people are out doing things in imaginary snow. The ad line says something about "any season." The commercial's been on since December, anyway. It's giving me a cramp, wondering who does it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I haven't seen this ad yet - have you tried emailing BMW's PR department about this?
There's a BMW commercial where this guy is driving the car through the snow, and kids are playing and throwing snowballs as he drives. The ad talks about the BMW x-drive feature. The song is rock, the only lyrics are "hey hey hey" over and over.

Does anyone know the song in the ad? Thanks!!!!