Best Remix?


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What do you people reckon the best remix, rendition, variation, version or cover of a track is, EVER!! [up until the end of April 2005]?

If you can't think of just ONE, then list 5 maximum...

I know there's many out there...

Also, this doesn't just apply to Dance music, either. Rock tracks get Rock remixes all the time, for example...

Incidentally, I am aware of Tom Middleton's recent cover version compilation album "Cosmosonica", and so feel free to mention that, or other things. Mainstream, Underground or Old Skool, whatever it is, let us know...
Obvious answer...
Singing In The Rain remix!
Stroke of GENIUS!
That, and Mr Scruff's remix of "GOLD" by Lamb.
I like how you think, my man!! Definitely got some good-uns there...

But what about
"Black Steel" by Tricky [which is a cover of Public Enemy's "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos"]?


the DJ Zinc and Stanton Warriors Mix Concept of The Streets - "Has It Come To This?" ??

Both are immense, within their own right!!

And if you're REALLY into Mr Scruff, check his remix of Red Snapper's "Thomas The Fib". Or the remix of "Giffin" that 'The Amalgamation of Soundz' did...
Prodigy's "Hot Ride"... Can't remember who did the original, but I've got it on nameless CD... The "Prodigy" cover is immense!
The original is on "The Best Lift Abum Volume 1" - Track 2.
I wouldn't say the best remake ever but one that came to my mind was Sugarray's remake of Abracadabra.
santa esmerelda *spellcheck* - don't let me be misunderstood from the kill bill soundtrack.

most definitely, marilyn manson's "sweet dreams" cover