Bell Canada Christmas "We are Connected"


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Bell Canada Christmas "We are Connected"

Hi all,

I'm just curious what song was used in the new Christmas Bell Canada "we are all connected" ad.

The have an older man drop oranges and people helping to pick them up, then he holds open the subway car door for another lady. This lady then helps a young girl cross over a puddle and it goes on...

I hope that's a good enough description. I saw it last night during the Christmas Carol Musical.

Any idea about that song?

Thanks! :)
Hello fellow Canadians:

I hope you can help me with this. There is a new Bell Christmas commercials for cell phones. It's just a blue back ground with white snow flakes. There is white writing across the screen that says stuff like "stay in touch" bla bla bla ...

The song in the commercial is an acoustic guitar in the background and the words go something like "They say they'll be snow for Christmas."…..

Anyone ?? Anyone ??
Hi guys. I'm also curious about this ad. It really tugs at your heartstrings! Any info on the song or where to watch it online would be appreciated!
It seems to be a Christmas carol. I haven't seen the commercial for a while, but next time I see it I'll see if I can pick out some lyrics.
I joined today to find out the name of this Christmas song.
It has a 'Sting' quality to it, a rock star of that kind.
That's it!!
I meant to say, in my previous post, it has a Sting or Bowie quality.
I REALLY like it.
Hey All!

I think I've answered my own question :)

The song is called: "I Believe in Father Christmas" I'm not sure which version it is, but Emerson, Lake and Palmer did a version (from what I recall, it sounds like their version).


Merry Christmas!
Thanks guys! Saw the commercial today and managed to track it down as well. It indeed is Greg Lake "I believe In Father Christmas".

Now, does anyone know if the commercial is posted online ;) ?
Yeah, it's a great site! Go us! :)

Has anyone found a download of the commercial? I want to see it again.
I just thought of this commercial recently, for no real reason.I don't suppose anyone knows where to watch it.