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I'm seeking a piece of classical sounding music heard twice in British TV's "Being Human". The clip was played in episode 3 and episode 6 of season (series) 2, both times right near the end. In episode 2 it was as George is saying goodbye to Nina on the phone, and in episode 6 it's when Jimmy the ghost is walking toward his door to the afterlife. It is NOT on any of the BBC or Being Human sites or blogs; I have scoured the internet and listened to all of the songs listed for each of the episodes. You can see the first clip here:

I uploaded the scene strictly so I could try to identify the music. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Being Human (UK) season 3

So I wondering if anyone knew of where I could find the complete version of this song - as shown in Season 3 episode 1 of UK's Being Human. I found this snippet on youtube but couldn't find the whole song. Thanks.