Bam Margera explicit vid clip song


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Allright F@$# it! I was kinda embarresed at first to post this but that song is just too F'n cool and I Want IT! Can anyone help? I was looking for something else when I stumbbled upon a website (admin edit: link removed). Anyways I clicked on bams little explicit movie clip teaser...whatever! and this really cool song plays in the background. Man I hope someone knows this song. I NEED IT. Thanks. Mods sorry for posting it here. Please don't hate me. I just really want this song. Didn't know where else to post. :duh:
I didn't see anything called "bam". Did you mean "Pam's" instead of "bams"? Or is that her nickname or something? The song on the Pam Anderson video is the theme song for the show "Baywatch."

Oh Bam Margera... ne ver mind.

Yeah I looked, and looked, didn't see any Bam anywhere.
Ok I hope someone can help me. Here is the link, I hope this works and somone ecognizes this song. (Sorry Mods I mean no disrespect, but this song is REALLY KEWL Don't be mad at me pLease)!! (admin edit: link removed) hope that works.
Ok I know someone knows this song. I believe it is real simple as soon as someone hears it. I guess the link didn't work or something. (admin edit: link removed) When you click on that first link the page opens up, just scroll down till you see bam's clip. Then open the sample and you will hear that song. I bet its really easy, but I just don't have a clue. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Muchas Gracias.
I'm sorry, but we cannot allow links to pornographic material on our Forums. If you really want to know the song, it'd be best to find a way to rip the music from the video, and post that clip instead. Thanks.
Awh damn IT!!! I know pornographic sites suck!, lol! I've been trying to take the sample and save it to my computer so I can post the music sample, but no luck. I will keep trying thou. Sorry michelle...or a... moderator. Thanks thou. You wouldn't happen to know the song... would you?
i couldnt even find it when the link was up