Badly Drawn Boy song


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I heard a song on a local radio station today....and I am almost positive that it was Badly Drawn Boy. The song was really beautiful with mostly the piano and singing. The only lyrics I could remember from the car, after I got home, were "...your love is contagious". Any idea what the name of that song could be?
What radio station was it? (ID and City?) Do they have a website?
It was on WXCI (97.1) Danbury, CT. They have a website but it doesnt usually list the songs on the site. Its a college radio station and they usually just play whatever songs. They have an AOL screen name and I asked once and the person who was DJing said the song was on when someone else was DJing so he wasn't sure what song it was. Anyway, like I said, I am almost positive that the song was by Badly Drawn Boy and I remember the lyrics saying "....your love is contagious...." and it was really beautiful piano music. Any ideas are appreciated!!