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I'm not too sure if this is any help, but here goes.

I was looking for the song from the Axe Touch advert the one that goes

Electric shivers, cross my skin. It's like a fever and you're my only medicine. Could I be dreaming....

I heard it on an internet radio station today, i think it was by a band called Reactor and called Feel Love. Apparantly it's out next week.

Although there is nothing on the net that says this.

Hope it helps

hey just wondering if anyone knew the song playing in an axe comercial...
this guy walks in a bar full of women. at the end of the commercial he opens a book and one woman's blouse starts unbuttoning...its kinda weird i can't quite explain it- whatever. anybody know?
hey whats the song in axe deodorant's touch commerical? some lyrics are, electric shiver across my skin...
this damn song has been driving me crazy sooo can anybody help me out? thanks - lj
I just was watching this new Axe commercial for the new scent, touch, and the music was catchy :eek: yes it was. One thing I don't know was the name of the song......AHHHH!!!!

The commercial starts wit this dude opening a book...I think......or maybe it's the end, but everytime this guy opens the book the womans shirt unzips :rolleyes: What is that song in the background? What is it? I don't know, do you?
It's a cathy tune, gets best towards the end.

Artist: Reactor
Songname: Feelin' the love
Does anyone know the name of the song played in the new AXE commercial for their new scent "touch"?
Hi all!
I'm trying to find a song from a commercial...i'm not sure what they were advertising...maybe cologne. All I remember is the basis of the commercial is a guy doing random things like opening a book and it would start to unzip some ladies shirt and things like seems the song may have had the name of the product in it.

I wish I'd known about this forum back when I saw the commercial. This place is great! I've already found a bunch of other answers.

Thanks in advance!
Thank you so much! I was thinking it had "love" in it. I'm glad it actually was a cologne commercial, too. Thanks again.
Has anyone seen the new axe commercial, i think it is called skin or something where he opens a book and a girl opens her top, does anyone haveor know the music for that commercial?
it's called "Feeling The Love" by Reactor. if search had been workin u woulda fudn that in 2 seconds, it's a great song, enjoy!
Does any one know the song from the new Axe "touch" commercial? It's the one where the guy goes into a classroom with these women and looks at a map. Then each movement he does not only mimics something sexual but it actually affects the women. It's was as if he possessed telekinetic abilities. So anyway I can't really remember the lyrics but towards the end of the commercial he repeats pressure a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :eek:k:
anyone know the song that is playing in the background of the axe commercial? ;)
its the one that has the guy sitting on the chair with the book in his hands... and when he opens the book the blouse of the girl infront of him also opens... its something like that
i don't know any of the lyrics...
HI everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows what is the song they play in the axe commercial with the guy opeing a book while a girls shirt is opeing up. Its a very seductive commercial, he is waiting in a room all sweaty with girls. If anyone knows the song please let me know. Thanx.

The thought the song for the ad was by Reactor - "Feeling The Love."

I got an email from the band stating the following:

I'm Dave O'Brien the singer from Reactor.

I've been trawling the net searching for references to our song 'Feeling The Love' which was used for a recent lynx/axe touch commercial. I came across your forum and noticed you had been bombarded with questions about it (I realise I'm a bit late).

Since we only had a record deal for the single, we are now trying to publicise our album which we are selling ourselves from our website.

You can download the single from their website. Although, that song isn't what's heard during the "old man dies, is buried, reincarnated into frogs, etc..." tv ad that I'm familiar with. I think this Reactor song was just used in a version for the UK.

Now, I'm honestly confused as to what the song is (or if it's even been identified) for the US version with the old man and frogs... :lol: