Hearing this everywhere "Open Up Your Heart..."


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Please help!! I recently took a trip south, deep into the U. S. of A. (from Canada), and the whole time I was down there I kept hearing this song. I'm not aware of ever having heard it at home, but in the U.S. I heard it in almost every convenience store, gas station store, restaurant, supermarket (get my drift?!). I don't know if it's a popular U.S. Muzak song, or if these places were playing radio and it's a new hit. It's a female voice and the lyrics I remember are "Open up your heart and let your feelings (flow? go?) ... (a line I can't remember) ... everything will be aaalll riiight". It's got a very bouncy, sort of Island beat - I'd make up my own category and call it Reggae Lite. I googled and got Christina Aguilera, "Cruz", and Celine, "I'll be your light". The voice was definitely NOT Celine!!, although it could have been Christina in a non diva-powerhouse kind of mood. I listened to Amazon's 30 sec clip of "Cruz" and it sure didn't sound like what I've been hearing - mellow; not bouncy at all, and I don't think this song I'm looking for starts mellow and then *gets* bouncy, I think it's bouncy from the start. When I finally became aware of it, got it stuck in my head and started really liking it is the last time I heard it, so I wasn't able to get any more lyrics. Does anyone have any bright ideas? Please? Pretty please with brown sugar on it? Thanks.
Re: Hearing this everywhere - "Open Up Your Heart..."

"Your Light" by Celine Dion (or maybe Christina Aguilera)

The lyrics match. Google isn't much more help than that.


Hey man, come over here
There's a secret that I wanna whisper in your ear
I've waited so long, too long
But I can't deny it anymore it's just too strong

It's a special kind of feelin'
Something to believe in, Oh yeah

So lay back, and let it flow
Then just open up your heart and let your feelings go
I said "Hey man, Yo man"
Well it's really not that difficult to understand
Re: Hearing this everywhere - "Open Up Your Heart..."

No, thanks, but like I said, I already googled & checked out those results and that's not it. The other thing is that the hook is repeated way more often than in any version of that Celine/Christina song. I'm 99.9% positive that's not it.
Re: Hearing this everywhere - "Open Up Your Heart..."

Then it couldn't be 'Shake" by Sabine Neibersch

Come on hear me sayin`
don`t ya`know the groove will never let you down
let your soul spinnin`round and round
lay your head back and just let it go
open your heart and let your feelings go

Follow the signs to the place you belong
let your intuition lead you on i say
Wow, I don't get why something I was hearing everywhere is so hard to track down!! I went to youtube and listened to full versions of "Cruz" and "Your Light". I don't know why "Cruz" is coming up under a lyric search for "Open up...", because that line's not even *in* the sung version of the song!!, and the Celine one, "Your Light" is sooo not it. I couldn't find any English for Sabine Neibersch, but the lyrics you printed aren't so far out as to be impossible. But why is nothing else coming up when I do a lyric search on google or youtube??? Grr. Anyone? Any idea is welcome. This song will be stuck in my head for years if I can't figure this out ;-).