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Hi! I finnaly got the name for the axe 24-7 commerical here in sweden its called Falling by Andy Caine. But don't know where to find that song people can u help me with that? I really need that song badly!!

Is this the commercial with the girl and the guy in the bed and then they walk to the supermarket together and pick up their clothes underway? (I'm confused o_o)

Anyways, I wanna have that song ._. ..
Can't find the lyrics, and "Andy Caine - Falling" neither. Bleh..

Goes something likeee...

Somewhere there's a tree that says blabla..
if you come I'll take you there with me

cause I know you know
and I know that I...

Ohhh falling in ohh fallin in you.. ?

(I can sing great XP)

It sounds like it's Andy Caine - Falling =/ ..
Damn I want that song! There's no info to be found on the web... period.

However, I did find a little movie on the official AXE website which features the entire commercial in low res. :)

AXE Touch <-- note: the site's Dutch...

There click on 'Advertising' --> TV Spots --> Getting Dressed.

It still sucks that there's zero info about the song though. :(
Oh I found something!

Peter Lawlor - Getting Dressed

source: Dutch ad site

Sorry site's Dutch again... BUT it says who wrote the song! :D But then again... I didn't find any extra info on him.
Hello people...
I'm liesbeth from The Netherlands...
I landed on this site, 'nd saw you where trying 2 find out who's song it was
from te axe 24/7 commercial...
I know...
It is from PETER LAWLOR,
the song named Getting dressed...

I hope I helped a little bit...

Liesbeth.... The Netherlands.... B)
Hi! I'm looking for the song of the brand new Axe advertisment broadcasted in Hungary. It's about a boy and a girl waking up in the morning and starting to collect all their clothes which they might have left all around the street the night before. In this advertisment there is a song sang by a man. It' slow and a very "full of love" song. Does anybody know at least the name of the guy singig?
Please help!!!
I've found it. It's Falling In Love from Peter Lawlor. But I've got only the 40 sec. version from the ad. If anybody has the full version, it would be very much appreciated! :wub:
i tryed to google this song with hope there will be a full version...i downloaded it year ago and it was meant to be only for that commercial that lasts 40sec...there is no whole song, ill be persist and i'm gonna check google every week cuz song simply ownz...i registered on this forum just to post this, glad to help, bye =)