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this is the at&t commercial that it shows just random clips of different stuff. like it'll show food or something, then i think at one time it shows the statue of liberty, but anyway, the song sounds sort of "electroniky" (if thats a word...) and it has a light guitar picking sound in it. there are no lyrics so i cant do a search on it or anything. can anybody help me out, or at least say that they know what im talking about so i dont sound like an idiot? :p
Anybody know the song for the latest AT&T commercial? It's just a simple guitar tune or something along those lines, but I enjoyed it.
It shows random images of things. I think there was a topic about this a little bit ago but I couldn't find it so I posted it again.
No, that's not the right song. This song has been driving me crazy because I keep thinking that I've heard it before but I don't know where. It's a lot slower and more mellow than the Ramones song. Anybody here have any idea?
The Ramones song was used in an older ad, from last year I think.
I think I heard the commercial that you are talking about. I wasn't really watching the commercial, but the music sounded very similar to The Books. I haven't seen it since but it very well could be The Books. They are hard to define to a genre and are an still a relatively unkown indie band.

The song in question, I think, is The Lemon of Pink, Pt 2.

Would anyone would like to confirm that?
Alright, just saw the commercial again and its not Lemon of Pink, pt 2. But I'm convinced its the books. It might be off their first album. I'll keep searching for it.
I too know the commercial and song but I don't know who its by or anything, but I think I saw it in a movie though I can't remember the movie either and the opening lyrics are something along the lines of "sunday moring and it's so hard to wake up" I do remember a chick sigs it though...I hope thats helpful
stop saying it's Blitzkrieg Bop because its not a chick sings this song and its mildly folky, it's the "&" commercail where it shows things that go together
and a girl sings it (Ive been looking for this song ever since I saw it in a movie but I can't remember the movie, it was probably about drugs or teen angst)
Huh, the one I saw had mostly violin. :unsure: Didn't know it though :(
Chemical Brothers - "Where do I Begin"
Vanilla Sky soundtrack (Abre Los Ojos ripoff)
Thanks, that's the right song. I knew I had heard it before - I even own "Dig Your Own Hole," which it was on orginally. I'm an idiot.
Hmmmm the way the guitar sustains in that song.........(violin?) Probably the one I heard. Only saw the ad once that I can remember.
Ok I've seen this ad several times now and around L.A. and it's definitely being run with a classical track. Like chamber music. I'm hearing from the midwest, Chi, Det, etc., that it's being run with the track "Shotgun" by Junior Walker and the Allstars.
If those of you who are hearing the Chemical Brothers could check in and let me know where you're hearing it, I and others who're looking for their version of this ad would really appreciate it. ;) Thanks :D
The Chemical Brothers song you mentioned (Where Do I Begin - with the female vocalist singing about the coffee cup she can't focus on?), while both very well produced in its own right and very similar, isn't the song used in the commercial. Though after hearing it, one can definitely get a feel for where they got their musical ideas.

I'm near Seattle, and i'm *definitely* not seeing it run with the Jr. Walker song, and *am* hearing the reversed guitar deal (like Feel Flows by the Beach Boys, go grab the Almost Famous soundtrack to see what I mean). I'll see if i can find the ad on tape, put up a link or something.

Are we talking about the same ad? The one with all the & deals? Salt & Pepper, Peanut butter & Jelly, all being brought together by one of the largest telecoms providers new long distance plans, etc? < /sarcasm >

Anyone else have any ideas? Or hearing something that sounds like the Chemical Brothers song, but isn't?


ps- givemfitz - there's a lead guitar playing the melody, but they're using a bass to open the line, all with the effect over it.
Still sounds like violin and cello to me but I hear what you mean about the backwards effect so.............yeah maybe guitar. :unsure: I'm still wonderind if it's different songs in different places though. It's almost certainly the same (&) ad that everyone is seeing.