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A friend who is a radio DJ in Iowa tells me that there is a new AT&T ad which shows people's faces morphing into one another and that the song in the background is "Come Together" by Primal Scream.

Check here
No sample though.

So I present this to the experts. Anyone concur with the DJ from Iowa? Of course I still have not seen it.

And is Primal Scream as cool a band as they sound on the Amazon posts? Might have to check them out.

Thanks all.
Yes, this is Primal Scream. From AT&T's press release:

For example, one of the television commercials opens with two faces seamlessly connected down the middle of the television screen. Periodically, the multicultural, multigenerational faces change while their mouths continue to move in unison as they sing rock band Primal Scream's "Come Together." The visual is dramatic and memorable in its representation of bringing people together.

And, yes, Primal Scream is (well, was) a great band. Highly recommend the album this is on!
Thansk maxl!

I have been so discouraged by visiting company's websites and finding no info on current ad campaigns that I have basically stopped. I need to pick that up again. You never know!

I just caught this ad and, as the Press Release says, the ACTORS are singing the song; it's not the original version as heard on the Primal Scream album (but it is close.)
anyone know the name of the song in the AT&T Wireless commercial with the two half faces on each side of the screen, the song goes "Come together, whoa whoa" and they repeat it
Already been answered - it's a cover of Primal Scream's "Come Together."
You said "cover" ... by whom, 'cause this version is better than Primal's version...
Ok, like the topic says i've been looking forever.
Naw I can't find the song "Come together", the cover one; the one that appears on the at@t commercial with the two half faces singing.
I know the original is by primal scream, and i've listened to that one, and it isn't the one.
I don't know who sings on the cover for "Come together"
Come together on the Dirty Hits, its the 3rd song.
:usesearch: According to this previous post about this ad, the music was done by the actors in the ad... so it's likely you won't find an exact copy.
Hey all!:

keeper309 - I totally agree with you! I had just heard Primal Scream's version and the commercial version is 10x better than Primal's! I hope that someone can find out who performs the song that's IN the commercial. I'd desperate to know, now. :D
Hey all!:

Michelle - thanks for the info! But, I wish that the whole version of the commercial's version of Primal Scream's song was available to listen to. I LOVE that version the best.