1. C

    AT&T Wireless 5G

    View: It's from a very brief (maybe 20 seconds long) AT&T commercial about 5G. Plays on ESPN and is relatively new as of August-September 2023. It sounds like an old Earl Grant song *but is not* - and...
  2. N

    AT&T and DirecTV

  3. M

    AT&T "Don't Settle For Anything Less"

    Anyone knows the song from this at&t commercial i want to find it sooooo bad !!!
  4. A

    AT&T U-verse The SEC Network "Stadiums"

    Hello, does anyone know what this music is? It's really beautiful.
  5. M

    AT&T "Hours" Sochi Olympics

    Just liked this.
  6. T

    AT&T "Network of Possibilities"

    I was just wondering what is the song in the latest ad that at&t has been playing. here is the video:
  7. I

    AT&T merger with T-Mobile

    I haven't been able to find this on the forums or anywhere online. Here's the commercial.
  8. R

    AT&T Samsung Infuse

    View: Here is the link for the song. I'm guessing the music is made specifically for the ad, but it is certainly worth knowing who did it. Thanks in advance to responders, Rob
  9. J

    AT&T U-verse "Hey Marcel"

    Does anyone know what the song that comes on at 00:25 of this video?
  10. adieberyl

    AT&T Samsung Focus Windows Phone "What If"

    What is the name of this song? It keeps bugging be everytime it comes on.
  11. H

    AT&T Samsung Focus Windows Phone

    Does anyone know what is the name of the music of this commercial? It is commercial of At&t with Samsung Focus.
  12. S

    AT&T High Speed Internet

    Hi, there's a fairly new ad for AT&T high speed internet that features people riding large mice through shopping malls, on the street, etc. In the ad, a guy wearing a Rush* T-shirt buys an infant version of the same shirt before he rides his mouse into his garage at home. (*Rush the rock band...
  13. SusieQ2

    AT&T "Paper Dolls"

    There a new AT&T commercial that just came out.. It has a bunch of orange colored cutouts in the place of people going about their daily business affairs, at the office, on a place, at home, etc.. The music is great and I'm hoping it's not a piece made for the commercial.. I tried to find it on...
  14. P

    AT&T Windows Phone "Stage Presence"

    Showing off their new windows-phone, they have a bunch of little animated animals get blown over by a hard blues/rock song coming from the pop-out speakers. What is that song?
  15. R

    AT&T BlackBerry Torch "Bag"

    Hello Group, Everyones done very well on identifying the other Blackberry commercials but this one. Can anyone help with the song and artist of this commercial. Thank you in advance! Cheers! Rick
  16. M

    AT&T Smartphone Data Plan "It Says"

    it's not so much a "new" commercial, but a more recent one. AT&T unlimited data plan commercial, with everyone looking up information on their phones "It says ..." this or "it says..." that. The beat/ music in the background. Several different people / places have said it's the chorus for...
  17. N

    AT&T "Ballet"

    The beautiful background music in this AT&T ad was created just for the ad by Paul Bessenbacher for Emoto Music and the BBDO advertising agency. Sigh...
  18. farbeyond

    AT&T BlackBerry Torch

    There is another commercial for this phone titled "Rollercoaster" which uses the song: Buddy Holly - "Everyday" Get it at:
  19. R

    AT&T U-Verse

    Does anyone know the identity of the song on the AT&T/U-Verse commercial that is whistled while a man is sitting on a couch that is being carried?
  20. K

    AT&T Blackberry Torch 9800

    anybody know this song?