Apple iPod hip hop silhouettes


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Apple has a new iPod's another silouette one...and hip hop....since I know who the band is I thought I would post it here for people's information. The song is called "Saturday Night" and the band is Ozomatli. Here is a link to their website:

They rock!
Thanks for posting the info.

"Saturday Night" is available on their album called "Street Signs" at Amazon.

Or available for download through .
What is the rap tune that IPOD used for the new commercial? Its the one where there are b-boy dancers, they in black only with the ipod and headphones in white. Part of the chorus is "...get ready for saturday nite/"
Apple iPod shadow dancers

Can anyone tell me the name of the song in the ipod ( I believe the first one, that was hip hop with the words Saturday Night in it ?? I can't find the topic but didn't spend allot of time on it either. Sounds kinda like the black eyed peas, yet, it's not in they're rep..thanks
If anybody else is interested in the band, they also had a track in the "Constantine" movie trailer.
...I knew I had seen that album someplace on here!