Mediterranean/latin beat heard on alt. radio.


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Okay Adtunes, I'm coming to you for help.

I was stuck in traffic Friday evening and heard this great song on the radio. It was an alternative rock station (91X in San Diego); they played this great song, but the DJ announced the song title and band so quickly, I couldn't make a note.

The vocals sounded a LOT like Foster the People (specifically in Pumped up Kicks), but it was NOT them. At first, I really did think it was them.
The song had a distinct middle eastern/latin beat to it that made it pretty distinct. The chorus was either just sound or lyrics in another language I could not understand.

The only lyrics I could pull from the song was "flower(s)", and I heard it a few time.

I tried going on the website's playlist, but I went through the entire day and could not find it.

I know this is pretty vague; any guesses would be a great help. Thank you!
Sounds like something, I'd really be into, I will be honest it isn't much to work with but if you can post here the exact time and date (last Friday? 4th of November?) that you heard it, that will significantly increase your chances because a log is kept. I had a similar situation with a previous post where I thought the band sounded like the group The Police (vocalist Sting) and mistaken the genre for a mash up remix when in fact it was a totally different genre and artist.

What was the time frame in the evening, meaning 6 - 7 pm or 7-9 pm. And i'll help you. I'll check back after Thursday, got some big exams but I am empathic to ur situation.

Check out my post attached here and u'll c what I mean. I was way off...

, so more info you can get I'll definitely be able to join in on this, especially since you say it was a great song.

also I'm not familiar with the artists you say resemble this mystery song so, what time frame do you think the song was written. Does it sound like a recent release, definitely something from the 60s, 70s, 80s etc.? Or is it like a chill type song where time frame is hard to distinguish?
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I heard it at around 5:15 pm (PST) on Friday November 4th. The website has a log of the songs that were played, but it was NOT on there (the most frustrating part of all).

The song sounded fairly new, but the station in particular was doing what they call "Resurrection Weekend", meaning older songs. The songs are listener submitted (most of the time) so it could have come from anyone.

The sound of the vocals (not the sound of the song itself) reminded me of this song:

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks - YouTube

The chorus sounded something like "Baila baila baila" with more after it; I've looked it up, but nothing even close comes up.
Duly noted, I'll see what I can find. I have a few days to my self and will be absorbed in music :).